Vedder Family History

The following Vedder Family history comes from a number of source documents. When family tree information is used it is then cross-referenced with other documents to verify accuracy. What follows are fourteen generations which trace back over 350 years in America.

Vedder TreeThe Vedder family as it relates to the Clark family history shows that the Vedder branch of the family tree has two limbs both relating back to the trunk. Harmen Albertse still being the starting point for the family.

Albertise Vedder
Born 1630
Died 1715

Harmen came from Holland and was a trader. He owned land at Schenectady, New York and several home lots in Albany, New York. At that time Albany was referred to as Bererwyck. He was a magistrate of Schenectady in 1673. He was first listed in Albany records as one of three commissioners at Schenectady in 1657.

According to the book The Vedder Family in America by Edwin Henry Vedder and the following material supplied by the Greene County, Illinois Historical Society (submitted by Mary Vedder Butler), Harmen may have come to America before 1657 and as early as 1633. In 1657 records indicate he sold his house and lot in Albany, New York to Rutger Jacobsen. Harmen returned to Holland at least twice, once in 1660 and later in 1668.

Other records according to Edwin Vedder’s book show Albertse in 1661 was an agent for Dirk De Wolfe, merchant of Amsterdam. In 1663 he leased his farm at Schenectady to Symon Groot for 500 guilders rent for a period of six years.

It should be pointed out here that Symon Groot’s great-grand son married Neeltje Vedder who was Harmen Albertse’s great-grand daughter. Arent Vedder, Son of Harmen married Sara Groot who was the daughter of Symon Groot. The Groot’s and Vedders have quite a connection during the early days in America.

On April 17, 1664 Harmen Vedder along with two of his neighbors petitioned for a surveyor to lay out each persons land and building lots to prevent further disputes in the settlement called Schanhegtede.

In October 1664 Harmen Vedder along with other Dutch settlers took a oath of obedience to the King of England and the Duke of York. This followed the surrender of New Amsterdam to the English.

As stated earlier, Harmen returned to Holland in 1668. This was with other merchants from New York. In Holland they purchased goods and chartered the ship “The King Charles” for the return trip.

In 1672 a farm was purchased from Dirk Hesselingh. The 26 acres was to be delivered May 1, 1773 with seed in the ground. This farm was just out side of Schenectady.

An additional land deal in 1672 Harmen and Barent Ryndertson sold property to Claaese Van Vranken over the river in Canastagione for 550 skiples of wheat.

Harmen was busy in 1672 as he also made his way up the Mohawk Valley looking for a place to build his new home. He found a knoll, well elevated above the flood plain of the Mohawk River. Here he constructed a two story brick home with a fireplace and oven. According to an article in the Schenectady Gazette Newspaper dated June 14, 1962 the house faced West and a barn was East of the house.

A family cemetery was located on the grounds where family members, Iroquois and others are buried.

On February 8, 1673, Harmen paid the Reformed Church of Albany 12 guilders for a pall (casket) for his wife. He must of remarried because of later children. No record has yet been found on the names of either wife.

A letter from Governor Antony Colve written in January 1674 to the magistrates of Schenectada. Part of the letter dealt with Harmen Vedder.

According to the letter a Capt. Schuyler filed a complaint against Harmen. The Governor wrote he was surprised that Vedder acted in such a manner. The letter does not spell out the act but stated Vedder would have to regulate himself accordingly. The matter was turned over to Commandant Drayer and Mr. Jeremias Van Renselaer. Perhaps this is why he asks for a surveyor later that year.

Harmen had several sons which all apparently settled in the Schenectady area. Arent Vedder married Sarah Groot, Harmanus Vedder Jr. married Margrieta Van Slyck, Albert Vedder married Maria Glenn, Johannes Vedder married Maria Fort.

Born 05/10/1671
Died 08/01/1753

Albert was the oldest child of Harmen and no information is known about his mother. He was born on May 10, 1671 in what would become the State of New York.

Albert, in 1690 was reported as a prisoner of the French and Indians in Canada. This occurred during the Schenectady massacre which happened on February 9, 1690. Information on the incident comes from the books The Mohawk Valley and it’s History, The History of New York State and other reference materials of the period. He was ransomed later and returned home.

An account of the incident from The History of New York State follows:

“It is known in the history as the Schenectady Massacre of 1690. Without going into the causes, we may state that the French and some of the Iroquois Indians, proselytes of the Jesuits, left Canada to destroy either Albany or Schenectady, and since the latter place was the smaller and more unprotected, it was chosen. The troops, arriving late at night, determined to attack at two in the morning, when all would be soundly asleep. They found the place utterly unguarded, broke in the gate and for two hours slaughtered the residents, burning them and their homes. Sixty were slain in the massacre, twenty seven carried into captivity, and one at least, escaped to Albany carrying the news.”

He later married Maria Glen. Records show Maria Sanderse Glen with the spelling of her name also listed as Marytie which is the Dutch version of Maria. Albert and Maria were married on December 17, 1699 in Schenectady, New York.

Albert Vedder wrote his will February 8, 1750 and the following relatives were mentioned. Wife Marytie and sons Harme, Sander and Aarent.

Maria died March 13, 1753 19 days short of her seventy fourth birthday.

Further information on Maria and her family can be found by referring to the Glen and Van Petten Section.

There are two branches of the Vedder Family starting with Harmen Albertse Vedder which lead to the Clark family and rejoining with Frans.

BORN 1674
DIED 1755

Arent was born around 1674 and married Sara Groot, daughter of Symon Groot. Arent settled on land on the south side of the Mohawk River, Opposite Hoffmans Ferry, which was also called Vedder’s Ferry.

Arent made his will August 10, 1746 and it listed all his living children at that time. They were Agnietje, Rebecca, Harmen, Susanna, Sara, Lysbeth, Symon, Antje and Albert.

Born 10/03/1707
Died 05/17/1791

Symon Vedder was born on October 3, 1797 and married Maria Truax, widow of Simon Groot on January 16, 1735. They lived in Woestyne (New York).

Their children included Arent, Philip, Harmanus, Neeltje, Sarah, Maria, Agnietje and Anna.

BORN 12/06/1741
DIED ?????

Neeltje was born on December 6, 1741. She married Johannes Van Petten July 10, 1762

Neeltje Van Petten and Johannes had eight known children. They were Rebecca born 3/20/1763, Maria born 7/27/1766, Nicolaas born 12/10/1769, Sarah born 11/1/1772, Simon born 9/3/1775, Elisabeth born 11/8/1778, Eva born 10/14/1781, and Arent born 4/4/1785

BORN 03/20/1763
DIED 07/25/1836

Rebecca was born on March 20, 1763 in Schenectady, New York. She married Frans Vedder and had eight children.

Arent born 11/30/1783, Johannes born 1786, Albert F. born 11/1/1789, Nicholaas born 12/19/1792, Sarah born 11/12/1796, Neeltje born 8/20/1800, Frederick born 4/1/1805, and Sarah Ann born 3/19/1808.

Born 12/18/1714
Died 03/07/1792

Arent Vedder (son of Albert and Maria) was born on December 18, 1714 and married Sarah Van Der Bogart. Sarah was born February 28, 1714 in Schenectady, New York. Her father was Claas Van Der Bogart and her mother Barbara Heemstraat. Sarah died March 17, 1757. Their children were

Marytje born 1/7/1739,
Albert A. born 10/5/1740,
Nicholas born 4/3/1743,
Catherina born 11/24/1745,
Johannes born 10/20/1748 (died 8/30/1750),
Johannes born 12/30/1750,
Frans born 12/14/1753,
Alexander born 2/6/1757

After Sarah’s death, Arent remarried. The new bride was Catarina Van Petten, widow of Adam Swart. They were married on April 4, 1758. She was the daughter of Nicolaas Van Petten. She was born on February 1, 1725 and died in 1793.

According to the “History of Schenectady” Arent served in the 2nd Albany County Militia in the Revolutionary War. This is confirmed based on records of the Sons of the American Revolution application on file.

His son Albert A. Vedder also served as he is listed in the abstract of graves of revolutionary patriots in a family cemetery

Other family records show Arent (Dutch version of Aaron) had eight boys however list no daughters. The fourth son is listed as Frans.

Alex (born 1759), Harmen (born 1758) and Frederick (born 1761) were children from the second marriage.

Born 12/26/1753
Died 05/20/1827

According to family records Frans was born on December 26, 1753 in Schenectady, New York. Other records show he was born on December 14.

He married Rebecca Van Petten. Rebecca was born March 20, 1763 in Schenectady, New York. She died on July 25,1836 at Rotterdam, New York. For further information see the Glen/Van Petten Section.

Frans died May 20, 1827 at the age of 73 years, 5 months and 6 days. Frans and Rebecca had eight children between 1783 and 1808. The eldest son was Aaron F.Vedder.

Born 11/30/1783
Died 1860

Aaron (Dutch spelling Arent) was born November 30, 1783 in Schenectady, New York. Family history reports Aaron was a carpenter by trade and may have lived on a small farm in or around Lysander, New York. He married Nancy Allen on July 5, 1806.

In the book The Vedder Family in America by Edwin Henry Vedder, Nancy Allen is noted as being born on November 1,1785 in Canada or Vermont. It goes on to state she died on March 20,1879 at Plainville, New York and is buried with her husband.

The Vedder Genealogy (1979) by Mary Vedder Butler found in the Greene County Illinois Historical Society files states the family moved to Lysander, New York in 1807 or 1808. In 1820 Aaron was listed as one of nine members of the newly organized Second Presbyterian Church of Lysander.

In March 1828, the First Protestant Dutch Reformed Church was organized and Aaron was chosen as an elder. This information is referenced to The History of Onondaga County by Clayton.

Aaron was known as Boss Vedder and he designed and built a covered bridge in that area. According to family records, his will was made out on March 30, 1860. Most of his children moved west to live. He and Nancy had ten children between 1807 and 1830. The second was a son by the name of Francis P. Vedder.

The 1850 Census in Greene County, Illinois list an Aaron F. Vedder age 67 being a carpenter by trade and born in New York. Wife is listed as Nancy age 65 and again born in New York along with a son Edwin T., age 20 and employed as a clerk. Using the years of birth, Aaron would have been 67 and Nancy Allen Vedder 65 at the time of the census.

It would appear that Aaron and Nancy spent some time in Illinois prior to returning to New York. They are not listed in the 1860 census of Greene County, Illinois.

Greene County Illinois History listed under Judge Isaac D. Vedder has an article published on the life of the Judge. The article states his parents are Aaron F. and Nancy Allen Vedder. His father being a native of New York and his mother from Canada. Aaron and Nancy moved to Illinois in 1847 but returned to New York in 1851 spending the balance of their time in Lysander, New York. Aaron was a carpenter and joiner.

Aaron and Rebecca are buried in Lysander, Onondaga County, New York.

F.P. Vedder

F.P. Vedder

BORN 08/25/1809
DIED 04/27/1875

Francis Putnum Vedder was born on August 25, 1809 in Lysander, Onandagua County, New York Francis Vedder married Wilmina Wycoff Terhune on August 21, 1831.

Wilmina (Wilhelmina) Wycoff Terhune was born on June 9, 1811 in Schenectady, New York (according to records of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) and in New Jersey according to the 1850 and 1860 census of Greene County, Illinois. Wilmina died on September 6, 1862.

Francis Vedder moved his family from New York State to White Hall, Illinois in 1838. Just prior to moving to Illinois Francis and Wilmina had a daughter they named of Sarah Ann who was born March 26,1837. They stayed in White Hall until 1846, when they relocated to Carrollton, Illinois.

Dr. Neil D. Vedder’s tennis court in Carrollton, Illinois – taken July 1913. He is the nephew of F. P. Vedder.

F. P. Vedder is listed in the 1840 census of Greene County, Illinois and in the 1850 and 1860 census as well.

In 1847 the city government in Carrollton was reincorporated and Vedder was named City Clerk.

His daughter, Sarah, would later marry James Davis. James’ father, C. A. Davis, was elected President of the reincorporated town in 1847.

In the August 1843 Election, F. P. Vedder ran for Representative of the Illinois General Assembly. He came in second with 853 votes. The top vote getter was Calvin Tunnell who received 856 votes. Tunnell and Vedder served together in the 14th General Assembly from 1844 to 1846.

During the 14th General Assembly issues such as finance, education, roads and internal improvements were dealt with.


F.P. Vedder to correct pension records of Catherine Rummel Jordan, widow of William Jordan

On March 4, 1847 Francis Vedder was appointed to fill the Circuit Clerks position upon the death of Mr. Carlin. That same year he was elected to a full term and reelected in 1849, 1853 and 1857, serving a total of 14 years in that office.

Running for election for the first time to continue on in the appointed position, Vedder a Democrat, had 1091 votes and won by 599 votes in a three way race.

In 1849 he ran unopposed and received 1473 votes. He won reelection again in 1851 and in 1853 he received 1635 votes again running unopposed..

In November 1857 he ran against a fellow Democrat, F. M. Ristime and won 1330 to 904, a 426 vote margin.

Colonel Jacob Fry organized the Sixty-first Illinois Infantry at Carrollton, Illinois. Three full companies were mustered in February 5, 1862. National Archive records show Vedder was mustered in on May 5.

In 1862 Francis was listed as a Quartermaster in the Illinois Sixty-First Infantry in the Civil War. Records show he was absent without leave, and was dismissed on May 21, 1862 with loss of pay.

Field and Staff Muster Roll dated May and June 1862 show Vedder absent without leave. Same is noted on the July/August 1862 Field and Staff Muster Roll.

A List of Absentees at Special Muster dated August 18, 1862 list F. P. Vedder and under the remarks sections the following is written: “Carrollton, Illinois since May 1, 1862 .”

Field and Staff Muster Roll dated September/October, 1862 shows Vedder “Absent” and under the remarks section “absent without leave since May 25, 1862 “.

A Field and Staff Muster-out Roll shows Francis P. Vedder age 50, dated September 8, 1865 in Nashville, Tennessee, “Dismissed the service May 21, 1862 for Absent without leave.”

An Officers’ Casualty Sheet shows the name of Francis P. Vedder, Rank of Lt., 61 Infry. Under casualty is written “Dismissed” and is dated May 21, 1862.

Two letters were also received from the National Archives. The first written April 30, 1862. It reads as follows:

Camp Mc Clernand
30th April 1862

Superintendent of Hospital Boat

Will pass Liut.. Francis P. Vedder Q.M. from Pittsburgh, Tennessee to 4th Street Hospital St. Louis, Missouri on account of disease of the lungs complicated with an obstinate diarrhea, he is now laboring under general debility and is a fit subject to go to general Hospital.

L. D. Clennard
Surgeon 61st Reg., Ill. Vol.

The second letter written on behalf of Lt. Vedder reads as follows:

Headquarters 1st Division
Camp Jackson, May 3, 1862


Lt. Vedder , Quarter Master of the 61st regiment is and has been a very: nay dangerously ill, for some time. His application for leave of absence, approved by his col. or rather his Major Commanding the 61st; by the commanding officer of his brigade, Genl. Ross, and by myself, Division Commander, was disapproved. I am convinced General, that if you had been personally knowing to the real condition of Lt. Vedder you would have approved his “leave of absence.” His case is truly, one of humanity. I fear he is already dead.

Lt. Vedder is an eminent citizen of Illinois and his death would be a great loss to the community in which he lives. he is unable for duty in military service and therefore there is an absence of all motive to retain him here.

Yours Very Respectfully

John A. Mc Clernand
Maj. General

Lt. Vedder lived another 23 years after the statement “I fear he is already dead.”

F.P Vedder arrested, Alton Telegraph

F.P Vedder arrested, Alton Telegraph

In June 1861 , while just avoiding service during the Civil War due to severe illness, he again ran for public office. Running against W. A. Davis, the man who took his place, Vedder was soundly defeated 1680 to 589. The margin of victory for Davis was 1091. One can only imagine his efforts to get out of military service ended his political career as well.

Wilmina Vedder died September 6, 1862 and Francis remarried in 1863 to Sarah Brown of New York. In 1865 he moved to New York to enter into business there.


SEPTEMBER 13, 1867 

HOUSE FOR SALE._________________


77 South Salina Street, offers for sale his


No. 12 Farmer Block.

Madison St.,

Sep12d1w               Which is now vacant.


The June 3, 1871 White Hall Register ran a story titled Case of F. P. Vedder were the accounts of Mr. Vedders problems which continued after he left Greene County, Illinois.

According to the article Vedder went to New York and entered business with two partners named Bennett and Fralick. The three were in the goods business in Syracuse, New York.

The article detailed the events of a fire where Vedder, two of his sons and his business partners moved contents out of a building and then set it on fire to collect $40,000 in insurance proceeds.

Each partner was charged with Arson, perjury, swindling the insurance company and attempt to murder since the fire was set under a hotel with seventy lodgers.

Vedder claimed he acted under fear from Fralick, insanity and since he did no jail time may have turned states evidence. Several articles were published by the White Hall paper. Vedder, one article stated, lost all his money and property on account of the incident. According to an August 19, 1871 article in the same newspaper indictments were handed down on the charges of Arson, Perjury and Obtaining Goods Under False Pretense.

December 2, 1871 article indicates sons, Frank, Isaac and Orange traveled to New York to aid their father F. P. Vedder.

An article dated June 29, 1872 indicated a partner sentenced to 15 years in penitentiary, took poison and died. It also said Mr. Vedder lost all his property.

An August 22, 1874 article indicates Francis P. Vedder returned to Greene County on a visit from Syracuse, New York.

August 22, 1874
Volume 6, Page 3, Column 1
(no headline, just in the middle of the page under “Interesting Notes”)

“Mr Francis P. Vedder, for long years county clerk of Greene County, and lately of Syracuse, New York, was in the county, this week visiting his children and brothers Mr Vedder is in good health and looks well, but is evidently getting old He admits the mistake of his life to be leaving old Greene County.”

The Carrollton Gazette newspaper in the April 3, 1875 issue carried the following:

Francis P. Vedder born in Schenectady, New York August 5, 1809, died in Carrollton, Illinois March 27, 1875 age 65 years old, 7 months and in August 21, 1831 married Miss Wilmina W. Terhune, who died September 6, 1862. Eight children were born, seven living. In the summer of 1838 he moved west living in St. Louis then White Hall and in 1846 he came to Carrollton where he stayed until 1865. For about 14 years he was Clerk of the county court. He remarried in 1863 to Miss Sarah J. Brown of Lysander, New York and 2 years later moved to Syracuse, New York where he lived until last summer, he again returned to Carrollton. Rosewood casket funeral at Baptist Church.

For more information on the South Salina Street arson see the link on the home page.

BORN 04/26/1837
DIED 02/06/1923

Sarah lived in Carrollton, IL. and married Dr. James M. Davis on May 7, 1857. They had five children, Francis, Edgar, Cornelia, Nettie and Anna Belle. More information may be learned by referencing the Davis section

BORN 07/21/1869
DIED 08/30/1946

Anna Belle Davis was known by Belle and married Oscar H. Vivell on August 24, 1893. They had one child, Violet Vivian Vivell. More information can be obtained by referring to the Vivell section.

BORN 09/28/1897
DIED 01/20/1975

Violet married Victor O. Clark on July 2, 1917 and lived in Carrollton, IL. for most of her life.